Neck & Shoulder Pain: Top Tips To Decrease Pain Now!

I Am So Excited to Share My Top Tips With You!

Neck and Shoulder pain are two of the top reasons people seek out physical therapy. In talking with the patient I find that the number one complaint associated with their pain is being unable to perform even simple every day tasks without pain and more importantly not being able to do the activities they love because of the pain. I am excited to share these tips with you in this eBook! I hope this resource helps you get started on your journey to less pain and back on the road to doing the things you love. If you find you need additional help along the way I would love to take some time and talk with you one-on-one to see if additional support either through physical therapy or wellness coaching would be a good fit for you.

Meet The Author, Dr. Heather Carlyle, PT, CCAP

My passion for helping active adults reduce their pain so they can feel fit and active and get back to doing the things they love without relying on pain medicine or injections is why I started my own physical therapy and wellness coaching practice. My practice combines bodywork, trigger point release, movement, core strengthening and essential oils to bring about amazing results and transformation!

Dr. Heather Carlyle, PT, CCAP